How to order custom design?

When order custom designed product, please bear in mind the following:

The time to complete the order depends on the complexity of the design and pre-production.

It will usually take within 5 -7 days depending on your wishes.

The idea is from you, the design is from us.

Rockacoca has its own style, we would like to keep it in every our job.

The price for individual designed Converse Chuck Taylor Sneakers is 100 euro.

The price for customized t-shirt  is 30 euro.

The price includes:
- a digital project on your idea
- one correction
- production of the selected product.
Any other your wishes are possible but are paid extra.

If you need an offer for more pieces branded items, please contact us.

For orders and more information please contact us:

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Rockacoca is a Bulgarian brand for custom design and alternative fashion.

Created in 2009 in Sofia and for over 10 years produces unique designs, branding and merchandising for various international brands.

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